Cuban dissidents write open letter urging the European Union not to support the Castro dictatorship

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Wicked Witch of the West Federica Mogherin –, the EU’s communist foreign minister and a stalwart supporter of Cuba’s enslavement — will be bringing a small troupe of flying monkeys from the European Union to Castrogonia in a few days to put the final touches on an already-agreed-upon deal that will grant Castro, Inc. various lifelines.

In other words, the ultimate aim of this little circus of horrors is to ensure the survival of the murderous Castro regime and to prevent any real change in Cuba that would ultimately benefit the Cuban people.

Mogherini and EU assistant

Here’s a brief summary of this story from The Center for a Free Cuba:

Next week the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini will be visiting Cuba. According to the Council of the EU website, “the EU-Cuba Joint Council will meet for the second time on 9 September 2019 in Havana, Cuba. It will discuss maintaining momentum on the implementation of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, which has been provisionally applied since November 2017.” If the promotion of the respect for human rights is part of this political dialogue then one could hardly describe it as having gained, much less, maintained momentum.

These representatives of the European Union will not be meeting with Cuba’s democrats, human rights defenders, or members of independent civil society. In a normal country meeting with the political opposition is common practice, but not with the regime in Havana. They have confused a dictatorship with a people.

Repression and human rights violations on the island have not improved, but worsened. This led the Patriotic Union of Cuba and Cuba Decide to call for a nationwide protest on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at 10:00am describing it as their “response to the increased repression of the regime against peaceful opposition and citizenship on the occasion of the celebration of the Joint Council between the Dictatorship and the European Union in Cuba.”

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And here is the full text of the dissidents’ open letter mentioned above, loosely translated:

European democracies thought that the Agreement on Political Dialogue and Cooperation was a step forward for EU-Cuba relations and in fact it was, in the sense that, of the 28 countries, those represented in Havana, did not have until that moment any contact with the Cuban authorities. But, on the other hand, it meant a small injection of oxygen for the depressed economy of the island and the international recognition of the dictatorial government.

However, the approval at the beginning of the year of the new Cuban Constitution must have eliminated the hope that this cooperation would push towards a change in the country, leaving only for Europeans, the possibility of accepting Federica Mogherini’s idea that the Cuban nation is really a one-party “democracy”.

More important is the fact that in the information emanating from the first meeting of the Joint Committee, just finished, there is no mention of human rights; although at the moment with the use of the internet there is more than enough evidence of the way in which the rights of the people of Cuba are violated, as well as of the police mistreatment that society receives.

Likewise, it is a fact that no European official from any country that is willing to meet with dissidents in Cuba has been allowed to participate in the drafting of the agreement. And it is also undeniable that Cuban civil society members were not invited to participate in the drafting of the agreement, and that neither the EU, nor much less the Castro dictatorship has allowed independent journalists to attend press conferences after the bilateral meetings were concluded. This means that those who have been working on the agreement have been intent on pleasing the Castro dictatorship and, as a result, have ignored the presence in Cuba of people who have suffered prison for political reasons – a category that the regime does not recognize – as well as others who are still in prison.

The members of the European Union need to wake up to the fact that they are supporting a dictatorship that has done the most damage in the region – and continues to do so in several countries — with its expansionist policy of repressing its peoples.

There are currently four EU members who have not ratified the agreement, so there would be an opportunity for the European Parliament to review it.
While it is true that geographical proximity, the history that has been shared and family ties due to the number of Cubans living in the United States of America, make Cuba’s relationship with this country more important than the links it has with the European Union, withdrawing the support that this block of nations gives to the dictatorship, in these difficult moments of transition of command, would help to restore Cuba’s democracy much more than any flawed agreement.

La Habana, 4 de setiembre de 2019

Guillermo Fariñas Hernández
Iván Hernández Carrillo
Jorge Bello Domínguez
Jorge Olivera Castillo
Kirenia Yalit Núñez
Lázara Ayllón Reyes
Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello
Nancy Alfaya Hernández
Santiago Emilio Márquez Frías
Tania de la Torre Montecino
Yuleidy López González

Castro Inc.’s Chief Warlock, Bruno Rodriguez & Wicked Witch of the West Mogherini

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