Because the Cuban ‘revolution’ is all about dignity and respect

Remember a while back the little Cuban kids (in school uniform, even) dirty dancing like they’d been raised on sleazy rap videos, with their elders not only condoning but encouraging it? Well, there’s more where that came from. I believe it’s called social degeneracy.

Anyway, a short video was posted on Facebook (I saw it on another Cuban blog) showing little girls “performing” lasciviously on a stage at an event called “Children’s Farewell to Summer,” held at a state facility in south central Cuba.

I decided against linking to the video because, even though it was a public event and the children’s parents probably found it cute, it was pretty disgusting, and I felt queasy about broadcasting the kids’ faces. There were plenty of adults present, one of whom even put a chair on stage so the girls could lean on it while “twerking.” No doubt such a display is perfectly “normal” on the island, but I was still appalled, though hardly surprised.

It was not so much the age of the girls, or that they might as well have been training to be jineteras, but that their affect was disturbing. They didn’t seem to be having fun or enjoying themselves like children, but looked jaded and mechanical, as if going through the motions of a job, in this case being sex objects.

In other words, they seemed much older and without illusions, simply selling the merchandise matter-of-factly, as in “just business” or just doing what was expected of them.

Vamos bien.

2 thoughts on “Because the Cuban ‘revolution’ is all about dignity and respect”

  1. Alberto and Carlos saw the video and may wish to add to what I’ve said, but one of the worst aspect of the thing, to me, was how “normal” this appears to be in Cuba–not just for the kids in question, who could be forgiven for knowing no better, but for the adult onlookers, who practically certainly included at least some of their parents.

    And here’s the prior example I mentioned, involving even somewhat younger children (faces obscured):

  2. Thanks for not posting the video. I remember the twerking children video and would have rather not seen it. As for your social degeneracy term, it sadly seems to be the the new normal in Cuba. I’m reminded of it every so often.

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