Cuba welcomes EU with 100+ arrests of peaceful dissidents, EU’s response to Castro regime: ‘We support you’

A delegation from European Union arrived in socialist Cuba over the weekend led by foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. They were welcomed by the communist Castro dictatorship with over 100 violent arrests of peaceful dissidents on the island over the span of just three days.

Via Cuban Prisoners Defenders:

More than 100 mass arrests in Cuba in the last 3 days

After besieging dozens of houses of activists of the peaceful democratic opposition in Cuba, the island’s government with special troops and State Security has raided numerous of these houses, stolen all kind of belongings from them and arrested a much more than a hundred activists, mainly to avoid a demonstration convened throughout the country by the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and the promoters of Cuba Decide, and which has been seconded by activists from various organizations on the island, but also on the occasion of the celebration of the feast of The Patroness of Cuba.

Indeed, this same day, September 8, the festivity of Our Lady of Charity of Copper, the “Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre”, affectionately called the “Cachita”, Patroness of Cuba since 1916, is celebrated. The feast of the Virgin Copper Charity and the celebration of Oshún, orisha (or saint) of the Yoruba religion, are celebrated in Cuba on September 8 under the same celebration, thus having a special significance for all Cubans.

Instead of denouncing the Castro dictatorship’s brutal repression and gross violation of human rights, Federica Mogherini took the opportunity to assure the Cuban regime it has the EU’s full support (via Reuters):

EU stresses support for Cuba even as U.S. hikes sanctions

The European Union is committed to helping Cuba develop its economy, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said on Monday, during a three-day trip to Havana, even as the United States hikes sanctions on the Communist-run island.


“The EU is Cuba’s top commercial partner and investor, and we have tripled cooperation in the last two years,” Mogherini, the EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, told a news conference with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez.

If this weren’t so sad and distressing it would be laughable.The EU has become as disgraceful and useless as the United Nations, completely uninterested in the suffering of those oppressed by socialist dictatorships.

6 thoughts on “Cuba welcomes EU with 100+ arrests of peaceful dissidents, EU’s response to Castro regime: ‘We support you’”

  1. Love Mogherini’s hair. Looks like she’s decided to come out fully as a witch. But why doesn’t she get her eyes fixed in Cuba? Isn’t Cuba state of the art?

  2. “The EU is Cuba’s top commercial partner and investor, and we have tripled cooperation in the last two years.” Lies, unless one substitutes Castro, Inc. for Cuba, but the nasty cross-eyed bitch knows that. They all know it but are totally fine with it, as befits miserable hypocrites full of shit.

  3. We keep obsessing on this shit as if it weren’t “normal” and there was any basis for expecting otherwise. Human decency? Please. That was green and a goat ate it. We keep hoping for pears from elm trees and that is NOT happening. It’s like sitting around waiting for the New York Times to discover decency and actually adopt it as a guiding principle–which is NOT happening, either.

  4. You want to look for decency from the paper that informs the world in a 9/11 article that on that day some years ago some planes took aim at buildings in New York and…

    Yeah, some guns took aim at people here and there…
    Some blades took aim at necks here and there….
    Some knives took aim at bodies here and there…
    Some bombs took aim at civilians here and there,,,
    Some fires burned people alive here and there…
    Some cages drowned people alive here and there…
    Some girls left their parents and became toys for men here and there…

    Need I go on?

    No people were involved in making these things happen. they just occurred as if by magic.
    There are no terrorists. There are no Jihadis. There are no murderers. There are only passive weapons moving to make things happen – by themselves.


  5. I thought I saw something about the New York Times. I misread this post. Sorry.
    My comment makes no sense here.
    But anyway, trying to find intelligent comments on Cuba in the Times is impossible, so enjoy the comment for what it’s worth.

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