Three more players from Cuba’s national soccer team defect in Canada

Andy Baquero, one of five Cuban national soccer team members who have defected.

The national soccer team sent by Cuba’s Castro dictatorship to play in the CONCACAF Nations League in Canada has lost another three players due to defections. This brings the total to five players defecting since league play began.

MLS Soccer reports:

Three players who featured in Cuba’s 6-0 loss to Canada in Concacaf Nations League play at BMO Field on Saturday have reportedly departed the team to defect.

El Nuevo Herald reported on Sunday that defender Alejandro Portal, who played 90 minutes in the loss, midfielder Andy Baquero (pictured above), who played 79 minutes, and attacker Yordan Santa Cruz, who also went the distance in the match, were missing from the squad after the game.

All told, the departures make five from Cuba’s current squad for the opening of the Nations League, after David Urgelles and Orlendiz Benitez physically left the squad before Saturday’s game. Cuba will host Canada in their home leg of League A, Group A play, Tuesday in the Cayman Islands after FIFA did not sanction Cuba’s national soccer stadium, the Estadio Pedro Marrero.

The Castro dictatorship will be lucky if any players are left to return to Cuba. Seems despite all the great “benefits” of socialism in communist Cuba, these players prefer to play and live in freedom.