Slave buyer’s remorse: Kenya forced to assign mentors to Cuban slave doctors it purchased due to their ‘incompetence’

Enslaved Cuban doctors arrive in Kenya.

The government of Kenya thought it could save some money by buying some slave doctors from Cuba’s Castro dictatorship for a fraction of what actual doctors cost. It turns out they will be a lot more expensive in terms of both economics and politics. Aside from the reprehensible nature of buying slaves, Kenya is learning the age-old lesson that you get what you pay for.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Report: Kenyan Orders Mentorship of ‘Incompetent’ Cuban Slave Doctors

Kenyan doctors are decrying a government memorandum ordering them to mentor “incompetent” Cuban slave doctors as they cannot be trusted to work alone, noting that they opposed importing more doctors to the African country when so many native medical professionals are out of a job, Diario de Cuba reported on Monday.

The Spanish newspaper, citing Kenya’s Daily Nation, noted that Kenyan Health Secretary Susan Mochache reportedly issued the memorandum on August 7, but the Nation first made it public this weekend.

An alleged copy of the memorandum circulating in Kenyan media sources indicates that the government expected the Cuban doctors to be of high enough quality to mentor the Kenyans, but that the results of that project have “not been optimal” and that the government now needs for the reverse to happen to ensure that citizens’ health care does not suffer from the Cuban doctors’ inability to do their jobs.

The Daily Nation coupled the revelation of the memorandum with reports at the local level of Cuban slave doctors being unable to diagnose common diseases without the help of Kenyan doctors and being demoted for “incompetence,” fueling frustration among Kenyan doctors.

The Cuban communist regime makes an estimated $11 billion exporting doctors around the world. Upon leaving the country, the doctors receive a meager “living stipend” and have severe restrictions imposed on their mobility, contact with their families, and freedom of expression. The Castro regime keeps 75 percent of their salaries, and a doctor who chooses to leave the program is banned from entering Cuba for eight years.

Cuban doctors who have defected from the program have referred to it as slavery, and human rights advocates have compared it to prostitution.

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  1. The slaves are shoddy goods mass-produced for rent to people the regime sees as suckers–as well as lower life forms who deserve no better and are lucky to get even crappy care. But hell, Castro, Inc. feels the same way about ordinary Cubans, so it’s not like there’s discrimination or anything.

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