Republican Cuban American doctor in Wisconsin considering a run for Congress

Dr. Fernando “Fritz” Riveron

Cuban Americans are everywhere, even all the way up in Wisconsin. With Wisconsin Republican Representative Sean Duffy’s announcement that he’s retiring, several Republicans are contemplating a run for his seat.

Among those is Dr. Fernando “Fritz” Riveron, a surgeon and Cuban American. Dr. Riveron arrived in the U.S. when he was five after he and his family escaped the tyranny and repression of Cuba’s socialist Castro dictatorship.

Via WXPR in Wausau, Wisconsin:

Speaking by phone from his mother’s 91st birthday party in Miami, Wausau heart surgeon and Cuban refugee Dr. Fritz Riveron said he’s gotten encouragement to run for the seat as a Republican.

“What would be cooler than somebody who was on a plane from Cuba at age five trying to escape Castro’s world…and then being able to do something as momentous as running for Congress?” he said.

Riveron puts immigration, the environment, and health care at the top of his issue list.  He said there aren’t enough doctors in Congress.

Riveron is not sure longtime elected officials have the right perspective.

“The career politician issue has bothered me for a long time.  So people have known that I’ve engaged in that topic over the years,” Riveron said.  “A number of people have come to me and said, why don’t you do it?”

We hope Dr. Riveron decides to run and continues the legacy of Cuban American lawmakers who staunchly stand for freedom and liberty in America.