Top Republican fundraiser in Connecticut is Cuban-American

As you read this, keep in mind that Republicans are regarded with disdain and fear by most of the residents of the Nutmeg State, and that Republican politicians normally stand as much of a chance of being elected in that liberal enclave as a snowman has of surviving in the Florida sun in July.

Cubanita Leora Levy

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via the Hartford Courant

Born in Cuba in the late 1950s, Leora Levy and her family fled from Fidel Castro’s regime and headed to the United States with little money but lots of hopes.

Her father evaded arrest when she was 3 in a harrowing escape she compares to a Tom Clancy novel. After landing on American soil and gaining a solid education, Levy eventually worked on Wall Street and moved to Greenwich.

Now, in another chapter in a remarkable story, Levy has been named the winner of the Prescott Bush Award, the highest honor of the Connecticut Republican Party. She’ll receive the award at the party’s annual fundraising dinner Monday night in Stamford.

Levy, 62, says she has lived the American dream. She escaped socialism and tells Republican colleagues she wants to avoid it in the United States.

“I love America,” Levy said. “I wake up every morning and thank God I’m in America. The whole island of Cuba is a prison camp, and it has been since Jan. 1, 1959. Here in America, we make our decisions on our own. I love this country deeply, and that’s why I do what I do.”

A Republican supporter for decades, Levy has moved into the pantheon of state Republicans relatively recently as the state finance chairman in 2014 and as a new member of the Republican National Committee in 2016. She had been involved behind the scenes but has stepped into increasingly important leadership roles in recent years.

Levy represents a new breed of Republican fundraiser as the first woman to reach the party’s peak of fundraising for state and national candidates, raising millions of dollars through the years.

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