Benefits of socialist healthcare in Cuba: Cockroaches and excrement

Message for American youth enticed by the utopian siren song of socialism, this is the reality.

Via CiberCuba, roughly translated:

Excrement and cockroaches in a hospital ward in Ciego de Avila

The lack of hygiene and the terrible material conditions of Cuban hospitals have been a sad reality for the Cuban people for years.

The population, however, does not get used to this health crisis and the allegations of dirt, lack of resources and mistreatment in Cuban hospitals constantly emerge on social media.

Unhealthiness, and neglect swarm in the care centres on the island, with the help of the authorities, who do very little to solve the problems.

In the Teaching Hospital Roberto Rodríguez, Morón, Ciego de Avila. A woman, apparently a worker at the facility, recorded a short video showing a hallway where cockroaches walk around and there is with excrement.
“Shit, look how that water goes up there; look at that, how all the water bubbles that,” he is heard to say.

“A room that hasn’t been repaired for three months yet,” adds another.

“Shit and cockroaches,” adds the first one.

Read the rest in Spanish, HERE.

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