Colombian president issues warning to Venezuela’s Cuban-backed dictatorship

In an interview with the Associated Press, Colombia’s President Ivan Duque issued a warning to Cuba’s puppet dictator in Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and compared him to Slobodan Milosevic, the Seribian war criminal.

Via The Washington Post:

AP interview: Colombia says Maduro’s “brutality” must end

Colombia’s president compared Nicolás Maduro to Serbian war criminal Slobodan Milosevic as he goes on a diplomatic offensive to corral the Venezuelan socialist, warning that he would be making a “stupid” mistake if he were to attack his U.S.-backed neighbor.

Ivan Duque made the comments in an interview Saturday with The Associated Press before traveling to New York where he is expected to condemn Maduro before the United Nations General Assembly as an abusive autocrat. Duque believes Maduro is not only responsible for the country’s humanitarian catastrophe but is also now a threat to regional stability for his alleged harboring of Colombian rebels.

“The brutality of Nicolás Maduro is comparable to Slobodan Milosevic,” said Duque, who has called on the International Criminal Court to investigate Maduro for human rights abuses. “It must come to an end.”

While Duque refused to rule out a military strike against the Marxist rebels he claims are hiding out across the border, he said any aggression by Venezuela’s armed forces would immediately trigger a regional response that could include additional sanctions and diplomatic actions.

“If they consider doing something so stupid, they know what the consequences will be,” said Duque.

Duque has ratcheted up pressure against Maduro in recent weeks after a small band of dissident leftist rebels decided to break with Colombia’s historic peace process and take up arms against the state again, contending that the government has betrayed the accord aimed at ending over five decades of bloodshed.

At the U.N., the young Colombian leader is expected to accuse Maduro of breaking a Security Council resolution passed after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks by offering the rebels refuge.

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2 thoughts on “Colombian president issues warning to Venezuela’s Cuban-backed dictatorship”

  1. “U.S.-backed” is a joke and so is Duque for that matter. “Trump-backed” would be more meaningful and even that must be taken with a grain of salt…

    The only real threat those communist forces ever saw were the right-wing paramilitaries and former President Alvaro Uribe – who almost annihilated them. That said, a lot U.S. “backing” they received… NOT.

    As soon as the right-wing paramilitaries were disolved (to the proverbial outcry of the USA and the “international community”), Uribe left power (he shouldn’t have), and Santos won the presidency, it was back to business as usual by bought political hacks providing a charades galore.

    Uribe’s successor, Santos, was the protégé of betraying FARC victims, former President Uribe, his own posture as former Vice President, and Colombia in general. Most grotesque of all was Santo’s failure to jail communist criminals to rather validate them as political figures in the name of democracy and “peace” under the shameless guidance of the FARC’s very trainers in Havana.

    But, of course, Santos got a Nobel Peace Prize. A price very easily attained when you are liked by the Socialist International. Needless to say, like all else in the hands of the left, said prize has become garbage and only serves as a tool for propaganda.

    That said, the FARC, which got the regrouping time it wanted, is once again taking up arms, at least openly, simply because they know a socialite like Duke, a man more suited for bank president than President of Colombia, isn’t a friend but isn’t a real threat either.

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