Russia aids Cuba with money, trains, power station repairs and NUCLEAR technology

Cuba’s unfinished nuclear power station

From our Annals of Putinian Neocolonialism Bureau

Czar Vladimir Putin is rushing to aid the former Soviet colony of Castrogonia in its hour of need, obviously reclaiming the Caribbean island for his new Grand Putinian empire.

King Raul of Castrogonia and puppet “president” Miguel “Trucutu” Diaz-Canel are eagerly embracing their new Russian masters, just as the late Maximum Leader Fifo embraced their predecessors sixty years ago.

Naturally, the world’s news media is blaming this turn of events on the Trumpinator, claiming that if he hadn’t dismantled Obama’s Normalization Circus, this wouldn’t be happening.

One of the largest items in Grand Putinia’s most recent aid package to Castrogonia is the shipment of locomotives and freight rail cars. Grand Putinia has already refurbished the golden dome of Havana’s capitol building — which Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev will inspect this week— and it is also ready to refurbish Cuba’s power stations and electrical grid, and to provide it with all sorts of technical assistance.

One very scary item buried deeply in today’s news is the fact that some unspecified assistance with NUCLEAR technology is part of Czar Vlad’s New Deal with Castrogonia.

So, what, exactly, does this involve? Are the Russians going to build nuclear power stations? Or does this deal involve nuclear missiles?

Aaaaay, Mildred, time to duck and cover. Either way we’re talking about nuclear technology from the folks who brought us Chernobyl and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.

No worry… I fix your problems

From The Express

VLADIMIR PUTIN is piling the pressure on US President Donald Trump as the Russian leader agrees new nuclear and trade ties with Cuba, defying Washington sanctions and strengthening Russia’s grip on Latin America.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev arrives in Cuba this Thursday, at a time when the island is going through a new economic crisis while under new pressure from the United States.

Havana has been crippled by US sanctions intended to stop third parties from doing business with the Caribbean island or shipping fuel to the country amid the crisis. However, Trump’s hard-handed approach has seen Moscow swoop in on the crisis stricken countries in Latin America and assert diplomatic control.

Now, with Cuba in a desperate situation, depleted of oil and struggling to power the country, Putin has agreed a nuclear pact and new trade ties with Havana in an effort to further undermine Trump. A statement from the Russian government this week signalled that the countries will sign accords and commercial agreements.

Exploded reactor, Chernobyl

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  1. As long as the diabolical and singularly evil castro family remains alive and in power, nothing will change. All that they care about is to remain and power and they will constantly [like whores] sell themselves out to the highest bidder whether it be Russian, China, Spain or Venezuela.

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