Photos of the Day: Socialists display how to remove a pool from a roof in Argentina

From our Bureau of Socialist Latrine Plans and Safety Precautions

The photos below were taken in Argentina.

Given that Argentina has given the world Che Guevara and that many Argentines seem to have a love for socialist politicians such as the lovely Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, it is safe to assume that the men involved in removing this swimming pool from a roof are probably socialists.

Notice how much thought they’ve put into this project, and how many safety precautions.

Notice how the project turns out.

Could one ask for a more graphic demonstration of the result of all socialist plans and projects?

Yeah. Just assume that whatever you want to do is good and go ahead and do it. If you think it’s good, and clever, it must be good and clever. Never worry about consequences or the possibility of negative outcomes.

Yeah. Let’s get this sucker off the roof by sliding it down a couple of planks. Yeah. Cool.

That’ll do it. P’alante! Ni un paso p’atras, ni pa’ coger impulso! Vamos bien!

Yeah. And let’s pay everyone the same amount whether they want to work or not, and give ’em free medical care too… and let’s guarantee everyone a pool on their roof…as well as its free removal……

Marx Sisters, join the party!

Full story in the one and only Daily Mail

Vamos bien!
A pool isn’t enough… everyone needs a hot tub too….