The Spirit of Yara: The last legitimately elected president in Cuba

Cuba’s last legitimately elected president Carlos Prio Socarras with U.S. president Harry Truman.

Via the Center for a Free Cuba:

The Spirit of Yara and Cuba’s last legitimately elected President

Today, a brutal sixty year old totalitarian dictatorship organized a farce that it called an election to attempt to legitimize its continued totalitarian rule. This is the latest rebranding of the Castro regime by shuffling titles that mean little with regards to the exercise of power. Despite all the misinformation in the press, Raul Castro remains in charge of the country as head of the Cuban Communist Party.

This raises an important question. Who was the last legitimately elected leader of Cuba?

Cuba’s last legitimately elected president, Carlos Prio Socarras, was voted in by Cubans in free and fair elections on July 1, 1948 and assumed office 71 years ago today on October 10, 1948. He was a democrat, who respected civil liberties, and presided over years of prosperity and freedom for Cubans.

President Prio Socarras belonged to the Autentico Party and was succeeding Ramon Grau San Martin, another member of the same political party in the Cuban presidency. On his watch Cuban diplomats played an important role in the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In June of 1951 before Jose Marti’s tomb, President Prio Socarras also warned Cubans not to be consumed by hatred and called on them to “rise up and tell the few Cubans that tend to the garden of your island, that they uproot the poisonous flower of hatred and throw the plant into the abyss of oblivion! Sadly, his advice went unheeded

Cuban democracy ended on March 10, 1952 with Fulgencio Batista’s coup and 67 years later it has not returned. The current dictatorship has rewritten Cuba’s history to diminish this democratic age in order to justify its own totalitarian rule.

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  1. He failed Cuba, both as president and after. He got on a plane and let Batista take over without a fight in 1952, which had disastrous consequences. Later he gave significant financial support to the “insurgent” Fidel Castro, who played him for a sucker. The guy may have been personable and may have meant well, but he bears a lot of responsibility for Cuba’s downfall, and I suppose he didn’t commit suicide for nothing.

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