Two children dead in Cuba and 24 others in critical condition after receiving spoiled vaccine in a state-run clinic

One-year-old Paloma Dominguez Caballero died 72 hours after receiving a spoiled vaccine at a state-run clinic in socialist Cuba.

A sad and disturbing development in Alamar, Cuba. A spoiled vaccine given to toddlers has reportedly killed two and left 24 other children in critical condition.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

“They killed my daughter’: A Cuban mother denounces medical negligence in Alamar

A spoiled vaccine may have caused the death of two children and 24 others are in ‘critical condition.’

Several people on social media in Cuba are reporting that one infant girl is dead and as many as 24 other children are in critical condition after they were given a spoiled vaccine at a clinic in Alamar outside of Havana.

Yaima Caballero, the mother of one-year-old Paloma Dominguez Caballero, took to Instagram to denounce what had happened, including photographs of her daughter: “On the left you can see what she looked like right before I took her in for her vaccination and on the right you see how she looked after, and the vaccine, according to them, was for all illnesses . . . They killed her and I’m supposed to be alright with that?”

The condemnation was repeated by Yunior Camilo Cabrera Domiguez, the uncle of the dead girl, who posted a text message from Yaimet Medida Alvarez, who explained that on October 9th, the mother took the little girl to the “Neninger Clinic located in Alamar, East Havana, to have her 12-month vaccination, according to the vaccine schedule.”

“A few hours after the little girl received the vaccination, her health began to deteriorate rapidly and she died less than 72 hours,” she said.

“Now who can explain to our family that a little girl who walked into the health facility holding her mother’s hand and in perfect health is no longer with us or that three infants are facing the same thing at this moment and are fighting for their lives?”

“Many may think it was human error or just destiny. But we will not accept that. We need to find who was responsible […] this negligent act cannot go unpunished,” she concluded.

Activist Marta Maria Ramirez said Friday on Twitter that two children have died and 24 others are in “critical condition” in Alamar. According to her report, the mothers are speculating the problem was caused by vaccines that had “expired,” they were “mishandled” and given the wrong dosage, or they were “left unrefrigerated.”

There has been no official report on the cases as of yet.

Socialism does not only kill with firing squads and brutal beatings, socialism also kills with incompetence, corruption, and neglect.