One hundred lies told by Cuba’s Fidel Castro: Part 15

This is the fifteenth and final installment in a 15-part series written by Cuban American Humberto (Bert) Corzo exclusively on Babalú (see the rest of the installments in this series HERE).

“The word is not to conceal the truth, but to say it” – José Martí.

Why this topic is called One Hundred Lies told by Fidel Castro? Because he affirms the opposite of what is in his mind, he disguises his thinking by making his pronouncements look like another thing. Because the fake promises he made breaking his word. Of him we can say that “He lies more than he speaks the truth.”

In order to understand Fidel Castro’s actions, it is necessary to understand him as he really is, not as people want him to be. He is a man with two faces, one is the face of a revolutionary who promise prosperity, democracy and the restoration of Cuba’s 1940 constitution. The other is the face of a consummate liar who says and promises anything in order to stay in power for life.

The following infamous lies were used by Fidel Castro to coax the Cuban people, to later betray the true principles of the revolution by turning the island into a satellite of the Soviet Union.

* * *

100. “No event can be judged outside of the era and the circumstances in which it took place….the anthem whose unforgettable notes accompanied millions of men and women to challenge death and to crush the invaders who wished to impose a thousand years of Nazism and holocaust on all humanity.” Fidel Reflexions, May 12, 2012.

Castro’s regime has many similarities to that of Hitler. In his youth, Castro, malevolent genius of evil, admired Hitler and read Mein Kampf as a student at the university, one of his favorite books, and according to José I. Rasco, classmate of Castro in Colegio de Belén and the University who knew him very well, knew almost everything on it from memory. Castro was also influenced by the writings of Benito Mussolini and José Antonio Primo de Rivera, from whom he recited parts of their speeches.

Hitler had a failed attempt to seize power in 1923, known as the Beer Hall Putsch. Castro failed in the attempt to seize power in 1953 by the attack of the Moncada barracks. Both were arrested and used the trials to spread their ideas. Hitler was sentenced to 5 years in prison for treason, but service only eight months in comfortable conditions. Castro was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but service only 22 months in very comfortable conditions as a result of an amnesty granted by the government of Fulgencio Batista.

Hitler, in the trial for the putsch of November 9, 1924, said, “the Goddess who presides over the Eternal Court of History will smile and tear off the charge of the state attorney and the verdict of this court. For she acquits us.” Castro statement at the Moncada trial in 1953, “Condemn me, it does not matter, history will absolve me,” imitated Hitler statement at the Beer Hall Putsch trial in 1924.

Another Castro’s copy from the Nazi propaganda was the term “gusano” (worm) used against its opponents, as the term “würmer” was used against the Jews.   

The Nazi regime used the concept of dangerousness to incarcerate the ‘volksschadling’ (antisocial) without having committed any crime. Disaffected to the regime, Jews, homosexuals, prostitutes and ‘faulpelz’ (vagrants) were sent to concentration camps surrounded by an electrified fence of barbed wire, watchtowers and sentry guns equipped with machine guns.

The Castro regime launched in November 1965 the Military Units to Help Production (UMAP), labor camps in the province of Camagüey. The regime claimed as justification that the disqualified to serve in the military would be sent to the UMAP fields. He actually use them to confine people who had committed no crime whatsoever subject to punishment by law. The regime sent to these camps dissidents, believers of all types and condition, artists, intellectuals, homosexuals, prostitutes, bums, drug addicts and those considered anti-social. The camps were surrounded by electrified barbed-wire fences 10 feet tall, patrolled by guards with machine guns and police dogs, lacking running water and electricity.

According to Joseph Tahbaz, former Cuban intelligence agents have estimated that approximately 35,000 people were interned in the UMAP camps. About 70 died from torture, another 180 committed suicide, others were raped, beaten, mutilated, and about 500 ended up in psychiatric wards, traumatized for life, as shown in Néstor Almendros and Orlando Jiménez Leal 1988 award-winning documentary Improper Conduct that recorded the testimonies of victims and witnesses.

A poster placed at the entrance to the forced labor camps where homosexuals were confined read: “The work will make you men,” a replica of the slogan “The work will make you free” used in the Nazi concentration camps.

Others similarities are found in “The Rapid Response Brigades”, similar to the Nazi “Einsatzgruppen” (Special Task Force). The regime “Military Intelligence Agency” (SIM), equivalent to the “Abwehr” German Military Intelligence Service. Castro’s CDRs (Committees for the Defense of the Revolution), was copied from Hitler’s “blockwarts” (block wardens). Hitler Youth and Castro’s Union of Pioneers insisted on the need to indoctrinate their ideology in young people starting early at age six, and receive military   training at an early age. Almost all children have to belong to these organizations.

The flag of the 26th of July Movement used the same colors: red, black and white that the Nazi party; the Nazi flag with a swastika and the Castro with the M-26-7.

Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda and Information of the Nazi regime, that captivated an entire nation with his political speeches, carried out propaganda with falsehoods and misinformation and slander in order to keep Adolf Hitler in power, and whose famous phrase was, “a lie repeated a thousand times becomes the truth.”

Joseph Goebbels  & Fidel Castro

The similarity of Joseph Goebbels and Fidel Castro when they gave a speech is impressive.

 On October 2012, the German foreign intelligence agency Bundesnactrichtendienst (BND) released papers revealing that when the missile crisis was over in October 28, 1962, Castro approved a plan to hire former Waffen SS Nazi officers to train the Cuban military forces, offering those wages that were four times the average salary in Germany at the time. Of the four former officers of the elite Nazi Party contacted that accepted the offer, as far as it is known two went to Cuba. After their contract were finished they went back to Germany. Castro also tried to hire former German military personnel from the army, navy and air force, but they refused the offer. He also wanted to buy weapons and was in touch with arm dealers that had ties to neo-Nazis.

During that time Castro had many Soviet military advisers in the island and fear of being overthrown by his ally the Soviet Union. He wanted to keep the military loyal to him and didn’t care to ally with the Nazis in order to retain power. It is ironic that German military officers were training Cuban military forces that were allies of the Soviet Union. Birds of a feather flock together.      

Dwight D. Eisenhower was right on target when he wrote in his diary: “Have warned all to be alert to the Cuban reaction, because when dealing with a ‘little Hitler,’ anything can happen.”

Fidel Castro died on November 26, 2016, at age 90. The older brother Ramon, died completely crazy at the age of 91 in February 2016. His older sister Angela, died in February 2012 at age 89 and two years earlier she had lost the lucidity, suffering from senile dementia, and the younger sister Agustina de el Carmen, died in March 2017 at the age of 78, which also suffered from senile dementia for some years.

Fidel Castro with the face and eyes of a crazy person

It is evident that senile dementia is hereditary in the family of the Castro Ruz. In photos of Fidel taken from 2 to 3 years before his death you can see that he had the face and eyes of a crazy person. The eyes are “the mirror of the soul” that reflect most of everything that is hidden. He already exhibited symptoms of senile dementia, being impulsive and grumpy, and with speaking difficulties, suffering a progressive deterioration of the mental faculties, until he became a human wreck.

The Final Blow – Caricature by Prohias

Fidel Castro was a sociopath and psychopath. His sadistic ego destroyed Cuba. He did not live in the ruins of Havana, but he became a ruin. He deserved the long journey towards death crumbling down piece by piece, as the ruins created by his calculated neglect.

The Flintstones rock on Fidel tomb

Castro I, the Tyranno-saurio Fidelis Rex, the Goebbels of the Caribbean. There is no doubt whatsoever that history will condemn him. Burn in Hell for the whole eternity!

* * *

Humberto Corzo was born in Matanzas, Cuba. In 1962 he graduated from University of Havana with a degree in Civil Engineering. Since coming to the United States in 1969, he established his residence in Los Angeles, California, where in 1972 he obtained the registration as a Professional Engineer. He has over forty five years of experience in the field of Structural Engineering. He is a Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Cuban-American Association of Civil Engineers.