Didn’t your hear your “abuela” sing those Agustin Lara songs?

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Like so many of you, I grew up listening to Eydie Gorme & Los Panchos singing many of Agustin Lara’s songs.   

One of those tunes was “Noche de ronda” and those great lyrics: “Luna que se quiebra sobre la tiniebla de mi soledad adonde vas….”

I can still recall my grandmother rocking on her favorite chair and humming one of Lara’s songs. (She once told me that Lara was from Veracruz and then showed me the location on the map!)

We remember that Agustin Lara was born on this day in 1897. I can’t confirm whether he was born in 1897 or 1900…..or October 1st or 30th!  I have seen both dates in my research!  So let’s go with October 30th.. He know that he died in 1970.

Lara was, and continues to be, my favorite Mexican composer.   I’m not an expert on Mexican music.   Yet, I can’t think of any other Mexican who comes close to writing words & music like Lara.

We remember Lara with two of my favorite compositions: “Solamente una vez“, “Farolito” and the wonderful “Noche de Ronda“. 

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