Repression in socialist Cuba increasing as Castro dictatorship arrests and threatens another opposition leader

Eliecer Porto (left), Coordinator for Cuba’s Christian Liberation Movement

Repression in socialist Cuba is on the rise once again. The communist Castro dictatorship has arrested another opposition leader and is threatening to disappear him.

John Suarez reports in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Repression rising in Cuba, opposition leader threatened with prison or being disappeared

Urgent notice from Cuba. Possible death threat.

MCL Coordinator in Santiago de Cuba, Eliécer Porto arrested by the political police.

Eliecer Porto, Coordinator of the Christian Liberation Movement in Stgo de Cuba has been arrested and interrogated today by the political police of Palma Soriano.

He was threatened with “imprisonment or disappearance.” There have been numerous occasions when he and other members of the MCL have received this kind of threats

“The regime intends to suffocate the opposition, the level of repression is very high and very punctual and personalized,” says MCL National Coordinator Eduardo Cardet

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