Shocking! Marx Sister Ilhan Omar spouts communist rhetoric at Bernie Sanders rally

Two of the Marx Sisters: Groucha and Chica

From our Bureau of Ungrateful Cretins and Communist Ranters

Here we go again….

Somalian refugee Ilhan Omar, one of the Marx Sisters, showed up at a Bernie Sanders rally yesterday and spouted prefabricated slogans crafted decades ago at the Ministry of Truth in Moscow.

Aaah, yes, what a lethal combination: Groucha, a Marx Sister and Schmucko, the Fifth Marx Brother.

Decrying Trump’s support of “white supremacy” and cheering for Sanders’s opposition to “Western imperialism,” the rabidly communist congresswoman from Minnesota displayed her leftist orthodoxy with uncommon zeal.

Naturally, her ranting pleased the crowd immensely…

Groucha and Schmucko

The only thing missing from this rally was the chanting of the beloved leftist hymn, “Paredon! Paredon!”…which sums up their attitude towards anyone who disagrees with them or dares to challenge their despotism. (Rough English translation of this classic leftist hymn: line ’em up against the wall and shoot ’em)…

Oh, but give these wretches an electoral victory or two and you will start hearing that chant soon enough.

Wanton killing of heretics (that is, non-leftists) is one of the chief characteristics of ranters such as Sanders and the Marx Sisters.

Their hatred of freedom is as intense as it is irrepressible. And their idea of a “just world” and “social justice” is very simple: Silencing and killing anyone who objects to their moronic materialistic utopianism and soul-crushing totalitarian ideology.

No, we won’t burn that flag now… Better to wait until after we’re in power

From Town Hall

At a Bernie Sanders rally in Minneapolis on Sunday night, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) accused President Trump of coddling white supremacy and declared that Sanders “will fight against Western imperialism.”

Omar told a cheering crowd at Minneapolis’ Northrop Auditorium, “I am beyond honored and excited for a president who will fight against Western Imperialism and fight for a just world.”

“Together we are going to send a powerful message with this president,” Omar said of Donald Trump. “Your efforts to coddle White Supremacy, to ban Muslims from entering the United States, to call people at neo-Nazi rallies ‘very fine people’ will fail!”

The crowd began chanting “Lock him up!” after Omar’s disparaging and untrue remarks about President Trump. 

“And just as a matter of fact, none of us are going back,” Omar shouted at the crowd. “We’re here to stay.”

In July, President Trump referred to Rep. Omar in a series of tweets where the president asked why Congresswoman like Ilhan Omar don’t “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how it is done.” 

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Read my lips… we’ll tax you to death !!!
The Marx Sisters: Chica, Groucha, Harpoona, and Zeppa

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