Cuban dictatorship threatens to imprison grieving mother of baby girl who died from tainted vaccine

Yaima Caballero Peralta, the mother of Paloma Dominguez Caballero, says she received threats of imprisonment from the Castro dictatorship if she did not stop publicly demanding answers from the Cuban government. One-year-old Paloma died last month soon after receiving what appears to be a tainted vaccine in a Cuban clinic.

Despite desperate pleas for answers, Castro dictatorship officials refused to provide the infant’s mother with an explanation. So the distraught Caballero took to social media and launched an awareness campaign to demand the Castro regime answer for the death of her once healthy daughter.

The response by the Castro dictatorship to the grieving mother’s complaints was swift and severe. A week after her daughter’s death, Caballero was called into a meeting with Cuban military officials and threatened with prison if she did not keep her mouth shut about the death of her child (Via Cubanet, my translation):

A week after the death of her daugter, she [Caballero] and her husband were called into the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) for a meeting with military officers and Dr. Roberto Alvarez Fumero. She says that it was there where she was threatened over her statements regarding the death of her daughter.

“They asked if I was aware that making false accusations about the death of my daughter was a crime, and that all crime results in prison time,” said Yaima.

This may seem disturbing and extreme to some, but it is what life is like in socialist Cuba and what Cubans have been suffering through for more than 60 years.

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  1. Imagine this happening to a black child in South Africa under apartheid. The usual suspects would be screaming bloody murder nonstop. But in Cuba? No problemo.

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