Cuban intelligence defector says Castro dictatorship is behind violent leftist protests in Chile

Whenever there is destruction and violent attacks on democracy in Latin America, you can rest assured Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is behind it or somehow involved.

Via The New American:

DGI Defector: Cuban Intelligence Behind Chile Protests

A former Cuban intelligence officer affirms that Cuba’s intelligence service is carrying out destabilization efforts in Chile and that they are being directed out of the Cuban embassy in Santiago.

For 11 years, Enrique García Diaz served as an officer in the General Intelligence Directorate (DGI) — Cuba’s primary intelligence agency under the supervision of Cuba’s Ministry of Interior. During his years of active duty, García Diaz served as a vice consul in Bolivia and as a foreign trade representative in Ecuador. At the same time, however, he was actually an undercover agent for the DGI, in charge of surveillance operations in seven Latin American countries, including Chile.

García Diaz defected to Ecuador in 1989 and now lives in the United States. In an interview with the Chile-based, Spanish-language, online news publication El Líbero, he claims that the DGI (since renamed the Directorate of Intelligence, DI) retains much of the experience and training that it received from two KGB-run institutes located in the outskirts of Moscow. According to García Diaz, these KGB-run academies conducting training for Cuban intelligence in 1981-82 and another one for the chiefs of Cuban intelligence in 1985-86.


Through its patchwork network of subversive organizations, publications, and undercover agents, the DGI/DI plays a fundamental role in instigating revolution and other widespread unrest in non-communist countries. For decades, Chile has stood as a model for economic stability and prosperity, unmatched by any other country in Latin America. Now violent civil unrest, lootings, arsons, and clashes with the country’s police and military risk eviscerating all of those gains. They also risk plunging the country into anarchy and a possible new communist dictatorship along the lines of Castro’s Cuba or the Cuban-backed Chavez and Maduro regimes in Venezuela. According to García Diaz, Cuban intelligence has its hands in the fray.

“The activity of Cuban intelligence has as its main objective the penetration with secret agents and trust relationships of all government institutions, security organs, armed forces, political parties, media, universities, indigenous organizations, unions, etc., with the objective of influencing events, destabilizing Chilean democracy and imposing the geopolitical interests of Cuba in the country and region,” García Diaz told El Líbero.

García Diaz assured El Líbero that the individual currently heading destabilization efforts in Chile is Warnel Lores Mora (left), the minister counselor of the Cuban embassy in Chile. El Líbero reports that according to the Chilean Consular Services, Lores Mora “arrived in the country on April 16, 2018, that is, one month after President Sebastián Piñera assumed his second term.” Piñera is Chile’s first outright conservative to win a presidential election since Jorge Alessandri won in 1958.

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  1. After Allende, Chileans should never have played footsie with the left again. They’ve asked for this. Idiots.

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