Ilhan Omar joins socialist dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela in denouncing a ‘coup’ in Bolivia

Evo Morales not only violated Bolivia’s constitution by seeking and getting a third term as president, he also committed electoral fraud in his attempt to secure a fourth unconstitutional term in office. But that doesn’t stop the usual suspects on the left from squealing like stuck pigs when Morales finally gets booted out.

Enter U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who is denouncing Morales’ justified resignation and calling it a “coup,” since it’s obvious the rule of law does not apply to the left (via Newsweek):

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar has called on Americans to condemn the removal of leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales, who was forced to resign by the country’s army following weeks of unrest over disputed elections.


Omar [characterized] Morales forced resignation as an attack on the country’s democratic processes. “There’s a word for the President of a country being pushed out by the military,” she wrote on Twitter. “It’s called a coup.”

The congresswoman added that the U.S. “must unequivocally oppose political violence in Bolivia. Bolivians deserve free and fair elections.”

Omar joins other paragons of democracy and the rule of aw such as Cuba’s socialist dictatorship and its murderous puppet dictatorship in Venezuela in condemning Morales’ legal ouster (via CNS News):

Morales’ ideological allies in Havana and Caracas were quick to denounce what they called a “coup” in Bolivia.

“Disregarding the electoral institutions and the popular mandate expressed in the polls, sectors of the Bolivian opposition, with the support and leadership of the United States and regional oligarchies, have launched a coup d’etat with the aim of robbing the Bolivian people of the electoral result,” the office of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said in a statement.

Diaz-Canel voiced solidarity for “our brother president,” urging the international community to side with Morales and condemn “the coup adventurism of imperialism and the oligarchy.”

Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro, whose presidency is not recognized as legitimate by the U.S. and more than 50 other countries, condemned “the consummated coup d’etat against Brother President Evo Morales.”

“We, the social and political movements of the world, declare ourselves in mobilization to demand the preservation of the life of the Bolivian native peoples, victims of racism,” he tweeted.

Socialist birds of a feather will always flock (and crap on your car) together.