Cuban exiles protest outside Spanish consulate in Miami over King Felipe VI’s visit to communist Cuba

The Spanish royals’ visit to communist Cuba has been a propaganda boon for the socialist Castro dictatorship, prompting Cuban exiles in Miami to protest outside the Spanish consulate.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Cubans protest outside Spanish consulate in Miami over royal visit to Cuba

Dozens of Cuban exiles protested in front of the Spanish consulate in Miami on Wednesday denouncing the visit by King Felipe VI and Letizia to Cuba, classifying it as “ignominious” and “abominable” and announcing they would respond as “consumers of Spanish products.”

Orlando Gutierrez from the Cuban Democratic Directorate said there would be measures taken in repudiation of the royal visit. Cubans and Venezuelans are a “strong economic force” in South Florida and “significant consumers of Spanish products,” he said among signs saying “The Monarchy Embraces Tyranny.”

Although Gutierrez did not respond to a question from EFE asking if they were preparing a boycott of Spanish products in South Florida, he did say new measures of repudiation would be announced in the next few weeks.

Venezuelans and Nicaraguans are also joining the repudiation — which he classified as the “Spanish collaboration with the tyranny” — whose human rights, Gutierrez said, are also “being trampled” by the royal visit.

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