Cuban nationals carrying large amounts of cash arrested in Bolivia, suspected of financing socialist protestors

Once again it appears Cuba’s socialist Castro dictatorship has been caught trying to foment violent protests against a foreign democracy. Bolivia’s new constitutional government has arrested four Cuban nationals found with large amounts of cash they suspect was being used to contract violent anti-government protestors.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Four Cubans carrying cash detained in La Paz under suspicion of inciting instability

A group of Cubans carrying a substantial amount of cash were arrested in La Paz on Wednesday night on suspicion they were financing the internal instability that has plagued Bolivia the last few days as a result of the fraudulent election results and the exit of Evo Morales.

Local outlets and social media have been reporting on the arrests. The daily news outlet Page Seven reported on their website that it was three Cubans detained by neighbors in the El Alto neighborhood and turned over to police in Ciudad Satelite.

According to news reports, the Cubans were traveling in a vehicle where they found a backpack carrying 90,000 Bolivianos (approximately $13,000).

Correo del Sur, however, reports it was four who were arrested, not three, and cited “reliable sources” working at the government headquarters of the Anti-Crime Special Forces (FELCC) office who provided them with the information.

According to a report from law enforcement officials at the 3rd Police District in El Alto, and mentioned by Page Seven, the neighbors claimed the Cubans — among them one woman — paid protestors aligned with the Movement to Socialism (MAS) group, led my Morales, who carried out a protest in La Paz on Wednesday.

According to the suspects, the cash found was for paying the salaries of the Cuban doctors deployed in the region. The neighbors also claimed the suspects were armed.

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