Cuba erects a very small Nelson Mandela statue in exclusive Havana suburb

Mandela bust in white apartheid neighborhood

From our Bureau of Highly Insulting Monuments to Apartheid

Murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and South Africa’s Nelson Mandela were very close friends.

Their mutual admiration, however, has never bothered the vast majority of people who view Mandela as some kind of saint.

Well, Mildred, that mutual admiration has now been memorialized in Havana by a small bust of Mandela that sits on a pedestal in the new Park of African Heroes, in the suburb of Playa, a very nice seaside enclave populated by white oligarchs and white Castrophiliac ass-kissers.

Good luck finding any Afro-Cubans in that neighborhood. Apartheid is still alive and thriving in Castrogonia, but, of course, no one gives a hoot about it.

So, add one more item to the long list of thinly-veiled insults the Castro regime hurls at black Cubans and Africans everywhere.

That park features a vaguely fascist sculpture with a tall brown column, but it would be far more appropriate for it to have a colossal statue of a white middle finger pointing skyward.

Since such a statue already exists at the entrance to the stock exchange in Milan, Italy, perhaps one of Cuba’s many starving artists should be commissioned to copy it, so it could be mounted on that quasi-fascist pillar….Come to think of it, that pillar seems to have been designed to mimic that vulgar gesture, or perhaps even as a perch for that Milanese sculpture…

Yeah… imagine that hand from Milan atop that pillar, its offending finger towering above the statues of all the African dupes and dictators who’ve been courted and secretly mocked by Castro, Inc…

Inauguration of Park of African Heroes, Havana, April 2019
Mandela back under apartheid, this time for eternity
Milanese artistic genius

2 thoughts on “Cuba erects a very small Nelson Mandela statue in exclusive Havana suburb”

  1. What? Where’s the statue of Winnie? Sexism! Machismo! This is an insult to the memory of Vilma Espín!

    Seriously, Castro, Inc. IS hypocrisy, BS and opportunism. It HAS to do this kind of shit, not just because that is its nature, but because this shit has worked VERY nicely for it for 60 years–and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. As for the small statue, well, you know, it’s the fault of the “blockade.” Besides, as it happens, at least concerning Cuba, Mandela was a very small man.

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