Cuban and Venezuelan agents kicked out of Bolivia for organizing anti-government protests

Bolivia’s interim constitutional government has kicked out hundreds of Cuban agents and their Venezuelan counterparts from the Andean nation. The agents are accused of helping to organize anti-government protests after the ouster of would-be dictator Evo Morales.

Via Reuters:

Bolivia’s interim government said on Friday it had asked Venezuelan officials to leave the country, and accused Cubans, including doctors, of instigating unrest after the resignation of former president Evo Morales.

New Foreign Minister Karen Longaric said Cuba would fly home 725 of its citizens, mostly medical doctors, after she raised concerns about their alleged involvement in protests. She said she had also asked all Venezuelan diplomats to leave for similar reasons.

The foreign policy shake-up comes as protests against the four-day-old government of conservative interim President Jeanine Anez roil the country amid Bolivia’s biggest political upheaval in over a decade.

Venezuela and Cuba were key allies for leftist Morales, who swept to office as the country’s first indigenous president in 2006 and resigned under pressure on Sunday over a disputed Oct. 20 election.

Bolivia is taking the first steps to rid itself of the socialist cancer that Cuba’s Castro dictatorship has been spreading all over Latin America.