Shocking! Animal rights activists in Cuba express frustration

Surprise! A tyranny built and sustained on the constant abuse of human rights doesn’t give a hoot about animal rights.

Wow, Mildred, how shocking!

Imagine a government that kills animals wantonly rather than rehabilitating them or putting them up for adoption! Imagine a country where stray dogs are rounded up and killed in inhumane ways just so the King and Queen of Spain won’t be offended by their presence!

How could the world allow such a country to exist! The horror, the horror…

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Without a solution, a meeting ended on Tuesday between activists calling for an Animal Protection Law in Cuba and the authorities in charge of the issue at the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Havana.

Beatriz Batista, one of the promoters of the initiative in favor of animals, offered Radio Martí details of the meeting in which they had put all their hopes. “There was no solution, there were no answers,” he said.

Batista explained that the director of Zoonosis, identified as Yusaima, participated in the meeting; Tania González, who attends to animal diseases; Armando Vázquez, veterinarian, and three alleged officials of the Ministry of Public Health who “did not speak during the entire meeting.”

“One of those men identified himself as Enrique Gil, a doctor of human medicine, and it happens that the day before, in the demonstration in front of Zoonosis, he had identified himself as Ricardo Bofill – the name of an opponent – official of the MINSAP, and that he had studied psychology, “he added.

The activists demand a change in the way in which the collection of animals is carried out in the street, and they ask that only those who present an irreversible condition be sacrificed, not massively as is done today.

“It’s horrible to enter that place. It’s being sacrificed in less than 24 hours, and the stipulated thing is 72 hours,” Batista said.

Animal advocates volunteered to work in cooperation with state authorities on this issue, Batista said, and called for measures such as sterilization and public awareness.

Zoonosis officials said they could not give an answer and another meeting was agreed by the end of the week.

Animal protection activists denounced that their phones, which had been collected before starting the meeting with government representatives, were manipulated. “I left my phone recording, and you can hear how they are laughing and you say” put it in, put it in, “and they say the name of each cell of each animalist.”

Batista told Radio Martí that the meeting was “a setback”, because they felt that the authorities “are making fun of us” while they hoped to find a solution in the dialogue.