Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship signs agreement with Iran

Cuba’s puppet dictatorship in Venezuela has signed a new agreement with Iran’s dictatorship, opening the door to increased threats for Latin America and the Western Hemisphere.

Sabrina Martin reports in PanAm Post:

Venezuela and Iran Sign Agreement That Could Threaten Regional Security

Iranian technology could have commercial applications in the military field in Venezuela.

Iran now has closer ties to the regime of Nicolas Maduro. They have signed new “scientific and technological” agreements. We don’t know many details about this, but it could become a threat to the security of Venezuela as well as that of the region.

The Chavista tyrannical regime said that it is a plan of cooperation in “education, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and engineering.” However, specialists warn that it can be a military and intelligence alliance that will strengthen Maduro’s regime.

Iran and Venezuela have long shared warm diplomatic relations, and both regimes share a mutual contempt for the United States, which has imposed various sanctions on their respective economies. This year, Iran’s second-largest airline, Mahan Air, began offering direct flights to Venezuela to mark the strengthening of ties between the two countries. This news also served as a wake-up call for international security.

The relationship between the two nations has been described as a threat to the United States since the regime of the South American country has allowed the Iranian terrorist group Hezbollah to use their territory as a base to expand into Latin America.

Joseph M. Humire, a security specialist, told the PanAm Post that the relationship between the two nations has evolved over time, to the point that Iranian military and industrial presence in the South American country has increased. “In recent years, Venezuela has signed numerous commercial, military, and industrial agreements with Iran; and what happens is that much of that trade can be a front for the entry of Iranian military,” he said.

The specialist added that the greatest concern is that such a military presence may drive the dual-use of technologies in the hands of Pasdaran, Iran’s largest military organization, qualified as a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United States.

Humire pointed out that the “double use” that Venezuela could give to this Iranian technology could be through commercial applications that, in turn, may be used in the military field. He also noted that much speculation can be made in this regard because nanotechnology can not only be used in medicine but also to create biological and ballistic weapons.

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