Human trafficking revenue for Cuba’s dictatorship cut in half as more countries cancel slave doctor agreements

Cuba’s socialist dictatorship is finding it harder and harder to make a living through slave labor and human trafficking.

Via Cubanos por el Mundo (my translation):

Cancellation of Cuban medical mission cuts into revenue of the regime

The cancellation of Cuban medical missions to countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, and now Bolivia, is affecting the pocket of the Castro regime.

Reports indicate the elimination of these programs have cost the dictatorship practically half of its hard currency revenue.

The “exportation of Cuban doctors” was one of the main sources of revenue for the regime.

Nevertheless, with the secrecy in which the Castro regime operates, it is difficult to know with any exactness how much cash Havana generates through its international operations, says a report from Radio and Television Martí.

Despite not knowing the exact income the Cuban medical missions generate, what is known is that no other sector will be able to fill the void left behind.

Neither tourism, remittances, nor the exportation of goods are in a position to cover the void left by thousands of Cuban doctors.

According to the Cuban regime, the exportation of professional services, principally Cuban doctors, generated $10.737 billion in revenue in 2018. This is according to the World Commerce Organization, a total that has not gone below $11 billion since 2010.

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