Cuban chess grandmaster Lazaro Bruzon goes off on the socialist Castro dictatorship

Via Cubanos por el Mundo (my translation):

Cuban chess grandmaster Lazaro Bruzon went off over the injustices committed by the regime saying that expressing an opinion in Cuba is “extremely stressful.”

The grandmaster claims that Cubans both on and off the island are affected by the communist dictatorship’s abuse, manifesting itself in expressions of ire, hate, frustration, and aggression.

“Being the obsessive person that I am, I have invested hundreds of hours, enough to come to a conclusion today that makes me a critic of the system and the laws of my country. Once you learn about liberty, the respect for differing opinions, and being able to express an opinion without being questioned, nothing can ever be the same,” he wrote.

Bruzon arrived in the United States and then began to search for information in an attempt to understand everything related to Cuba.

“Before, when I would hear the words opposition, dissident, they were immediately accompanied by adjectives like mercenary, enemy, delinquents, and all that propaganda they have told us for so such a long time. Today I know there are many good people, good people who struggle for civil rights and are mistreated, imprisoned, fired from their jobs, and their lives are made impossible for the simple act of not agreeing with the system in Cuba. (Moreover, for those who argue there are many in the opposition making money from the struggle in Cuba, that does not take away from the strength or the truth of their message.)”

In his essay, the two-time Continental American champion, two-time Iberoamerican champion, and five-time Cuban champion condemned what is happening in Cuba “over a problem of principles I cannot accept,” he emphasized.

“For how long will the Cuban government continue to put ideology over the objective reality of the Cuban nation? Perhaps they can’t see what is happening? The general discontent, the number of Cubans who leave and those who want to emigrate to anywhere else. Is it too complicated for them to see that a country that prioritizes ideology and propaganda in every sphere cannot progress? How much do they spend on ceremonies and massive marches? In a country like ours facing so many economic problems, is that what we need the most?” he speculated.

Lazaro Bruzon was removed from the Cuban chess team in September of 2018 after he traveled to the U.S. for personal reasons and participated in a tournament there in July of that year.