Photos of the Day: Rare photographs of a Cuban ñangara in its natural habitat

Here are rare photographs of a Cuban ñangara captured while hunting in its natural habitat. The wily ñangara is abundant on the island of Cuba, but these deadly predators are extremely camera shy and rarely captured on film.

This particular ñangara was photographed by Cuban independent journalist Luz Escobar. She found the aggressive carnivorous animal prowling outside her building this past weekend. When she tried to confront the beast of prey, it growled and snarled at her, forcing the journalist to seek refuge inside her residence.

Translation: #Cuba: The State Security agent that is preventing me from leaving my home left last night, but before he left, I was able to take some photographs.

Although not an endangered species, the ñangara enjoys extensive protections by the socialist Castro dictatorship, which provides the animals with food, shelter, and a few bucks to spend at state-owned U.S. dollar stores.