Restrictions and abuse against women in socialist Cuba increasing

You want to know what a real “war against women” looks like? Just take a look at socialist Cuba.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Restrictions and abuse against women growing in Cuba

Activists and independent journalists are sounding the alarm over the intensification of political violence against women in Cuba.

Just in the past week five women have been victims of repression in Havana, two of them on two separate occasions.

Journalist Luz Escobar, from the 14yMedio daily news site, was placed under house arrest this past Saturday, the second time this month. A State Security agent was posted at the entrance to the building where she lives and warned her he had orders not to allow her to leave, but could not provide a reason for the prohibition.

“It seems like a strategy to wear me out so I will give up and stop doing my job and leave the country,” said Escobar in an interview with Radio Martí.

At the same time, independent journalist Camila Acosta was given two summons by the Interior Ministry on Saturday and ordered to appear on Tuesday the 26th at two different departments of that ministry’s offices in Plaza, the municipality where she lives.

The first is for 9:30 am at the police station located at the intersection of Zapata and C.

“A police official showed up at my home and simply said I had no choice but to appear because it was a meeting with departments that were investigating me,” explained Acosta.

The reporter said the other summons is for 1:30 pm the same day, but at the municipal offices of Emigration and Foreign Affairs, and was also received on Saturday.

Journalist and activist Iliana Herandez denounced the revocation of her self-employment license and a the 2,000 Cuban peso fine she received when she appeared for a police summons on Thursday.

Elsewhere, Lady in White Micaela Roll was arrested on Friday as she left the headquarters of the national group and was held incommunicado for forty hours with her family and friends not knowing her whereabouts.

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