Latin America’s socialists take aim at democratic Colombia, plot its destruction

Leftist protestor in Colombia carrying the flag of the Colombian Communist Youth organization.

Like an aggressive cancer in search of healthy tissue to destroy, socialists in Latin America are spreading throughout the entire region.

Miguel Angel Camacho in PanAm Post:

How the Latin American Left Is Plotting Colombia’s Downfall

Part of society sees the left as an oxygen tank and bets on it, not realizing that what they are about to breathe are scopolamine and anesthesia

Some believe that the most defiant left will not control Colombia. The same left that is tied economically, ideologically, and culturally to the left-wing international organizations that devise joint strategies to achieve their objectives. It happens all the time in the academic, political, economic, and scientific spheres that develop around the world. Organizations of all variants come together to develop joint policies to promote their worldview.

It is enough to see the objectives of the events that take place at a regional and international level, the organizations that integrate them, the companies and people that finance them, and the consequences of the application in the world of these views. Some are more successful than others, but they are not perfect. Each of these worldviews seeks to contribute to or take away from society. They are made up of those who go out to work daily to respond with their obligations, to try to enjoy life with those they love, and those who firmly believe that others should assume their responsibilities, those who seek to achieve their goals through law or violence.

This is how many of the people who make up society are, those who seize and impose, those who under strange arguments manage to restrict freedoms, or those who contribute to the world, living coherently with their convictions and the logic of their arguments. International events are composed of such people and organizations. They look for a common way to build the world they want. Hasn’t  Hasn’t that been the case for millions of years? We meet according to our interests, feelings, reasoning, and ideals.

So why is it so difficult to believe that the Colombian left, which is associated at the national level according to its different approaches, does not also integrate international organizations that aim to achieve similar objectives? The existence of the Sao Paulo Forum, the Puebla Group, and the Socialist International (SI) is not an invention of the “fascist right” to sow terror in societies. These are formal organizations created and integrated by official left-wing organizations from different nations, and of course, Colombia has its share in each of them.

For example, the Colombian Liberal Party is a member of the IS, which was founded by questionable left-wing parties. The Liberal Party describes itself as a social-democratic party. It was involved in the 8000 process scandal with the socialist president Ernesto Samper Pizano. The M-19 Democratic Alliance, which was founded by guerillas of the same name, is also a part of IS.

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