Despite sanctions, Cuba’s dictatorship has received nearly a billion dollars in oil this year from Venezuela

While Venezuelan’s are starving and suffering through medicine shortages and blackouts, the Castro’s puppet dictator of Nicolas Maduro has managed to send nearly a billion dollars of oil to his masters in Havana this year. All despite strict sanctions by the U.S. aimed at stopping the Castro dictatorship from continuing its plundering of Venezuela.

Via the AP in The Miami Herald:

Maduro sent $900 million in oil to Cuba, U.S. official said

Embattled leader Nicolás Maduro sent about $900 million in oil to Cuba this year despite the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, a U.S. top diplomat told reporters on Wednesday.

The U.S. special envoy for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, said that Maduro has the money to alleviate the shortages of food and medicine in that country but has preferred to pay debts to Russia and China and continues sending oil to the Cuban government, his main ally in the region.

“The regime paid the Russian oil company Rosneft over a billion and a half dollars to reduce debt,” he said. Maduro also sent China just under $3 billion worth of oil and $900 million to Cuba. “That’s about $5 billion that could have been spent on food and medicine but was not,” he said.

Maduro, whom the U.S. no longer considers the legitimate president of Venezuela, also signed contracts for $209 million in military purchases from Russia, including Sukhoi fighter jets and military helicopters, Abrams added.

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  1. You know what this means? That chavismo is totally dependent on what it gets from Castro, Inc, and MUST keep feeding it because it cannot survive otherwise. Even Maduro, stupid as he is, has to know that Castrogonia is taking MAJOR advantage of Venezuela, but again, he MUST play along. So basically, you have a very rich country parasitized and ruined by a failed third-world shithole. What does that say about Venezuela? Don’t ask, because the answer is very, VERY negative.

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