Surprise! Renovated luxury apartheid beach resort reopens in Cuba

Cuba for foreigners

From our Annals of Apartheid Bureau

If you build ’em, they will come… and if you update them, even more will come.

The allure of apartheid living is much too powerful, as is the yearning to feel superior to others.

Oh, the joys of having access to all sorts of things that are denied to everyone else around you.

Oh, the thrill of knowing that you are served by noble savages who are slaves!

This renovated resort is one of twelve built in Cuba in partnership with Castro, Inc. by Sunwing, a Canadian travel giant

…. And no one who was once offended by apartheid in South Africa is crying, boycott!, boycott!…


Cuba for foreigners

From Caribbean Journal

Cuba’s Memories Holguin Beach Resort has reopened as an exclusively adults-only property, parent company Sunwing announced this week. 

The new Memories Holguin, which caters exclusively to guests over 16, recently renovated several of its dining venues. 

The property also has a Diamond Club category, a 24-hour snack bar, personalized check in, a spa and an exclusive beach area with beach waiter service. 

Other amenities include six bars, four a la carte eateries and several pools. 

Cuba for foreigners
Cuba for Cubans
Cuba for Cubans

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  1. Alas, we keep thinking that the matter is so blatant that the world will “see the light.” It sees just fine, alright, but it doesn’t give a shit. Ignorance has never been the real problem.

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