Mike Pompeo exposes Cuban dictatorship’s role in instigating violent leftist riots in Latin America

For years we have said the only way to deal with the socialist corruption and tyranny destabilizing Latin America and causing misery and death is to go to its source: Cuba’s Castro dictatorship. Until you neutralize the Cuban regime and stop it from spreading the cancer of socialism throughout the region, that cancer and the oppression and misery that comes with it will continue to metastasize.

After decades of inaction and refusal to admit the obvious, the U.S. has finally decided to expose and address the root of Latin America’s problem.

Via The Washington Times:

Mike Pompeo slams Cuba, Venezuela for ‘hijacking’ protests

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday called out the leftist governments of Venezuela and Cuba for attempting to interfere in democratic institutions across Latin America as demonstrations denouncing economic and political instability rocked countries across South America,

“We in the Trump administration will continue to support countries trying to prevent Cuba and Venezuela from hijacking those protests,” Mr. Pompeo said in a speech at the University of Louisville.

He promised the U.S. will work with “legitimate [governments] to prevent protests from morphing into riots and violence that don’t reflect the democratic will of the people.”

Demonstrations in Chile and Ecuador erupted over the last several months as protestors forced their governments to update some economic policies and reduce subsidies.

Protesters who also have taken to the streets in Colombia in recent weeks have reported that they were “motivated” by the demonstrations and change in their neighbor country Ecuador as well as Chile.

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