The war against democracy in Latin America: Leftists want to burn everything down and rule over the ashes

Emmanuel Rincon in PanAm Post:

Hybrid War Against Latin American Democracies Threatens Region

The region is on the verge of succumbing to anarchist groups; the left wants to set everything on fire to rule over ashes, how long should misfortune go on before we curb it decisively?

The continent has never faced such a brutal, systematic attack as the current one on the institutions of democratic countries. What is happening, far from being simple acts of rebellion of political factions, is a war in every way. The gentlemen representing the left in Latin America, commanded by Cuban Castroism and Venezuelan Chavismo, have undertaken a crusade to regain lost power. And far from resorting to the mechanisms established by the constitutions of each country, they have decided to break the established order, set fire to the central transportation systems in Latin American capitals, destroy buildings, vandalize businesses, plunder markets, pit civilians against security forces, destroy economies, and, in short, watch the world burn.

It is no secret that in the last decade, Latin America turned red with socialist governments elected thanks to the influence of petrodollars that Chavez injected into the region. although after Chavez’s triumph, authoritarian and interfering mechanisms began to be seen, nobody can deny that his arrival to power was democratic, as was that of Lula, Evo, Kirchner, Bachelet, Correa, among others. But time always bears witness to the failures, and these gentlemen sustained a socialist fallacy maintained by the existing reserves in their respective nations. The financing granted to the late former Venezuelan president, to consolidate his authoritarian, inefficient, and expansionist model. It is not in vain that Venezuela, the country that supported the economies of half of Latin America in the previous decade, is today suffering through the worst economic crisis in modern history.

A decade was enough for half the people to wake up from the spell of populism. All it takes is for the money that underpins the enormous public spending of these systems to run out for nations to hit rock bottom and return to reality. Socialism is not so difficult to explain, it is precisely the same thing that an infatuated and unconscious teenager does when he receives a big inheritance: the first thing he does is to party with his friends, get drunk, buy a luxury car, brag about it, continue the party, do some other charity work to justify his own waste, and so on, until the money runs out, and he has to start blaming others for his own stupidity.

Although in the previous decade the continent turned red, what is happening now is much more serious because after exhausting the fallacies and lies, knowing that it will be difficult to deceive the electorate again, the left has opted to destabilize the countries of the region to impose their agendas. Without the economic support of Chavez and Venezuelan oil, they will have to resort once again to the old practices of unconventional and asymmetric wars and what today is called hybrid warfare.

That socialism does not work and that the leftists try to impose it by force is not an opinion. It is facts; it is scientific data; it is happening right under our noses. Socialism has been a failure wherever it has been applied. Numbers prove it, and that is why they always end up resorting to aggression, resentment, hatred, lies, indoctrination, populism. For them, truth and facts will never be on their side.

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