Foreign Twitter accounts instigating protests in Chile mainly from socialist Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua

The left would like for everyone to believe the protests in Chile are organic and spontaneous, but the interference in Chile’s domestic affairs by Cuba’s dictatorship and its socialist allies tells a different story.

A study conducted by a Chilean artificial intelligence firm shows that a significant number of Twitter accounts instigating violent leftist protests in Chile are originating from socialist Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Study reveals Twitter accounts from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua are instigating protests in Chile

Twitter accounts from Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicargua have been behind many of the calls to protest against the government of Chile, experts from the Chilean ConnectaLabs AI firm have concluded after reviewing nearly five million tweets generated by more than 600,000 users on the social network between October 20 and November 5th.

“Foreign accounts that are pro-protest and for political change: The majority of these are from Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba,” said one of the ConnectaLabs AI report findings. “Marches and political change are presented in a positive light but responses are mixed in terms of public order.”

There are two groups that are mainly Chilean (with some relevant Argentinean accounts), one of which is “relatively in favor” of the marches, political change, and disapproves of the government while the other group is opposed to the marches and “clearly supports the government and is opposed to changes in the Constitution,” the analysis of tweets with protest march and political hashtags indicated.

The third group is “mainly foreign” where tweets from accounts in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua are in abundance.


“One of the most active accounts within Cuba inciting protests and insulting the Chilean government is @YanetDCuba, who retweets hundreds of tweets by leader Miguel Diaz-Canel along with tweets from officials and supporters of the Cuban government,” reported Cuban digital news daily, 14yMedio.

“Allende lives in Chile and in the anti-imperialist wave crashing into the great homeland. The streets are being taken in Chile, Ecuador, and Bolivia to give the victory to Evo Morales, and in Argentina, together with [Cristina] Fernandez and [Alberto] Fernandez,” said a tweet by @YanetDCuba in response to another one by Miguel Diaz-Canel.

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  1. Putting “Che” on a Cuban flag is like putting Himmler on an Israeli flag, but it’s fine to offend “those people.” And some still wonder why Cubans don’t identify as Latrines.

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