Photos of the Day: Havana, Cuba before and after it was destroyed by socialism

The Guardian published an interesting interactive feature that allows you do swipe back and forth between photos of Havana, Cuba before and after the beautiful cosmopolitan city was destroyed by socialism.

It doesn’t appear it was The Guardian’s intention to show the stark contrast between freedom and socialist tyranny in Cuba, but they certainly did a good job of it.

Here are a couple of more samples:

You can view the rest and swipe between the two eras yourself right HERE.

2 thoughts on “Photos of the Day: Havana, Cuba before and after it was destroyed by socialism”

  1. I keep telling you people but you won’t listen: Cuba was never supposed to do better than other Caribbean islands or “Latin” countries. It was too much of an outlier and too embarrassing for the Latrine world. The matter had to be rectified and Cubans had to be put in their place. Hence the “revolution.” You’re welcome.

  2. These pictures were carefully selected, for the general reality is much more contrasting. Pictures of a prosperous late 1950s Havana are plenty and so are those showing the current destruction.

    Then again, “The Guardian” is a leftist publication that has no interest in illustrating such contrast – one that in no way favors the left. Thus, let’s get the oldest pictures possible and pair them with whatever just got a coat of paint for the sake of tourism.

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