OAS Secretary General calls on International Criminal Court to investigate Cuban supervised torture in Venezuela

Venezuelan dissidents are being tortured by the socialist Maduro dictatorship, all under the supervision and direction of Cuban State Security agents.

Via Asapland:

Luis Almagro urged the International Criminal Court to investigate “immediately” torture in Venezuela with the support of Cuba

The OAS Secretary General, Luis Almagro, he urged on Thursday International Criminal Court (CPI) to investigate “immediately” torture of opponents of the dictatorship in Venezuela with the support of Cuban agents, which he said grew in 2019.

“The systematic and widespread use of torture in Venezuela as part of the attack against those who aspire to recover fundamental rights and democracy clearly constitutes a crime against humanity that must be immediately investigated by the ICC Prosecutor’s Office”, said.

Almagro hosted at the headquarters of the Organization of American States (OAS) presenting the annual report of the Casla Institute, a study center on Latin America based in Prague.

The report accuses the regime of Nicolás Maduro of “Systematic repression” and to commit “Crimes against humanity”.

The Casla Institute discovered new evidence regarding the methodology of torture in clandestine centers under clear Cuban influence “, said Almagro, along with the executive director of that center, Tamara Suju

Almagro highlighted the lack of “essential guarantees” for citizens in Venezuela, where “the judicial system serves only the interests of the regime” and “the security forces systematically persecute any individual who does not obey the dictatorial system.”

“Even in urban areas to the country, which were traditionally loyal to the regime, now the government is sending the Special Actions Forces (FAES) of the police, as well as the “collectives” (illegitimate armed groups that support Maduro), to control them and prevent any dissent with that, ”he said.

Precisely in those areas they are registering “Thousands of extrajudicial executions”he pointed out.

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