Che Guevara’s speech before the UN in 1964: Setting the record straight

It is disturbing and appalling that nearly six decades later, it’s still necessary to set the record straight on Che Guevara, the Butcher of La Cabaña and the Cuban dictatorship’s murderous Argentine thug.

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile:

Truth Squad: Setting the record straight on Che Guevara’s December 11, 1964 speech at the UNGA

“I’d like to confess, at that moment I discovered that I really like killing.” – Ernesto “Che” Guevara, in a letter to his father after executing an unarmed man.  

Yesterday marked the 55th anniversary of Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s 1964 address to the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. Telesur, today presented sanitized excerpts to promote their international agenda promoting socialism and communism.  Australian publisher Ocean Press also has a sanitized version of the speech translated to English that leaves out Guevara’s reference to his adversaries as “worms” and that the firing squads were operating.

Guevara in his speech called out the Venezuelan government as murderers of students while failing to mention the pro-Castro elements in Caracas [in the autumn of 1960] that took the lives of 13 persons and injured 100 in an attempt to overthrow the social democracy led by Rómulo Betancourt.

Nor did Guevara mention that Cuban Communist leader Blas Roca, told a Havana rally on January 23, 1963 that when the communists gained full control [in Venezuela] and “make themselves owners of the great riches in oil, aluminum and everything their earth imprisons, then all of America shall burn.”  A cache of three tons of weapons was found on a Venezuelan beach in November 1963 that was to be used to disrupt the democratic elections there.

On December 11, 1964, the Argentine guerilla gave an inflammatory speech at the United Nations General Assembly, attacking Western countries with a special focus on the United States and countries of Latin America. Several states took the floor to challenge him and exercise their right to reply.  Venezuela noted Che Guevara’s hypocrisy in slamming other countries given that “repressive measures, which include executions by a firing squad, that are continually carried out by the Cuban Government against its own people do not seem to wound his sensibility.”

Guevara replied:

“The representative of Venezuela also used a moderate, though emphatic tone. He said that the accusations of genocide are vile and that it was really incredible that the Cuban Government care about these things in Venezuela with such repression against its own people. We must say here something that is a well-known truth and that we have always asserted before the whole world: executions? Yes, we have executed people; we are executing people and shall continue to execute people as long as it is necessary. We know what the result of a losing battle would be and the worms also have to know what the result of the lost battle is today in Cuba. In these conditions we live by the imposition of US imperialism.”

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  1. Once again, the Argentine asshole looks like a total APE. He should have been in that movie, without makeup. As for setting the record straight, it’s not that people don’t know, but that they don’t want to.

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