Socialism in action: Cuban dictatorship bans sale of local beer at private restaurants to shore up State store supplies

In socialist Cuba, private restaurants and cafeterias in the municipality of Sancti Espiritus have been banned by the State from selling local beer brands to ensure the State stores are the only ones selling the less expensive brew.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

The [state owned] Commerce and Gastronomy Municipal Company of Cabaiguan in Sancti Spiritus announced the prohibition of serving beer brands Mayabe and Cacique at private restaurants and cafeterias.

City official Carlos Puente Molina said to the local [state-run] press that those beers will only be sold in State-owned stores “with the fundamental purpose of avoiding diverting [supply] and raising the public’s level of satisfaction.” He did not mention when the new rule would take effect.

Under socialism, the State always take precedence over the private citizen. Even more so when private citizens are is doing an infinitely better job of serving the people than the socialist State ever has or could.