Cuba’s fake ‘parliament’ will vote unanimously on fake ‘prime minister’ nominated by fake ‘president’

From our Bureau of Byzantine Court Intrigues in Socialist Utopias with assistance from our suddenly busy Smoke and Mirrors Bureau

Whoa! That “new” Cuban constitution is sure causing a heap of shell-shuffling down in Havana, keeping its fake one-party Communist “parliament” very busy.

Those parliamentarians — all of whom were hand-picked by the Communist party leadership and ran unopposed — will all soon be raising their hands in unison to rubber-stamp the appointment of officials that haven’t existed in Cuba for many decades.

And these officials have all been carefully handpicked by the Communist Party, which is run by King Raul Castro.

First came the news that they’ll be “voting” on provincial governors and vice-governors. Now comes the news that they’ll also be “electing” a prime minister.

No one seems sure what duties this prime minister and these governors and vice-governors will have, but everyone knows one thing for sure: their chief function will be to prevent change, crush dissent, and continue the “legacy” of the Castro dynasty.

Cuba’s last prime minister was Fidel Castro, who ruled Cuba with an iron fist in this post from 1959 to 1976, under fake “president” Osvaldo Dorticos (a foreshadowing of Trucutu Diaz-Canel’s position vis-a-vis King Raul).

When Dorticos shot himself in the head and died in 1976, Fifo the Magnificent assumed the now vacant office of president and abolished the post of prime minister, finally admitting to the public that he was the sole ruler of Cuba, which was now his personal property, and thus no longer needed anyone else at the top but himself.

Oh, but it’s always good to resurrect fake offices from the past to make the King and the Royal Family look as if they are traditionalists, reformers, and revolutionaries, all at once.

So, get ready for massive deployment of smoke and mirrors in Havana. Let the magic begin!

Unholy trinity in 1960: Fifo, Dorticos, Che

From Granma-on-the-Seine (Agence France Press / AFP)

Cuba is to resurrect the position of prime minister in a parliamentary session at the end of the week, with President Miguel Diaz-Canel nominating a candidate to the post which has remained dormant for more than 40 years.

The last time Cuba had a prime minister, it was revolutionary hero Fidel Castro.

However the position was abolished in 1976 when Castro transitioned to the presidency, taking over from Osvaldo Dorticos after the country’s constitution was restructured.

No one knows yet who will be appointed, and the general public is in the dark as to what the role will even entail.

“I don’t know what his functions will be, I imagine that he’ll be helping that poor Diaz-Canel who never stops, going here and there trying to sort out the country,” said Maria Fernandez, a 65-year-old pensioner.

Parliament will meet on Friday and Saturday before appointing the prime minister based on a proposal by Diaz-Canel.

The new official will become “head of government” for a five-year term.

Diaz-Canel’s nomination must then receive an absolute majority in a National Assembly vote, according to the country’s new constitution, which was approved in April.

The appointment will also have to be ratified by the omnipotent Communist Party led by former president Raul Castro.

Continue reading HERE (especially if you love quotes from the news media’s favorite “Cuba expert” Arturo Lopez-Levy, a relative of King Raul and propaganda apparatchik who teaches at  the business school of Holy Names University in Oakland, California)

Prime Minister, Chief Executioner, President

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  1. Look at that photo of the three assholes arm in arm and weep–from embarrassment, if nothing else, that Cubans ever, EVER, fell for such ham-fisted, over-the-top, cheeseball BULLSHIT, ridiculously costumed, unwashed, unkempt, and posturing away like very bad actors. At the very best, we’re talking infantile immaturity and painfully limited intellectual capacity, as in retarded children, but of course that’s not all there was to it, because it was even worse. Really, we ought to be ashamed, and I mean FOREVER.

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