Prosecutors in Bolivia issue arrest warrant for ousted socialist president Evo Morales

Prosecutors in Bolivia have issued an arrest warrant for ousted president Evo Morales, who fled the country after massive election fraud by his administration was exposed. Nevertheless, despite his cowardly retreat, Morales continues planning criminal acts with fellow socialists in Latin America in an attempt to regain power.

Morales’ scheming has led Bolivian prosecutors to issue an arrest warrant for the crimes of sedition, terrorism, and terrorist financing (via the Buenos Aires Times):

Prosecutors in Bolivia’s capital issued an arrest warrant against ousted former president Evo Morales on Wednesday, accusing him of “sedition, terrorism and terrorist-financing.”

Public prosecutors in La Paz signed a warrant for police to detain the 60-year-old and take him to the Attorney General’s Office.

The government of Jeanine Añez, which took power after Morales was ousted by the military last month, has repeatedly accused the former leader of trying to foment unrest from exile.

Interior Minister Arturo Murillo posted the arrest warrant on Twitter.

The allegations against him stem from an audio recording. In it, Morales allegedly tells one of his supporters to block trucks and interrupt the food supply to several cities. Morales was in Mexico at the time, the complaint alleges.

The former trade union leader denounced the arrest order as “illegal, unfair and unconstitutional” on Twitter.

“I’m not worried, as long as I’m alive I’ll continue with greater strength in the political and ideological struggle for a free and sovereign Bolivia,” he said.

Authorities allege Morales promoted violent clashes that led to 35 deaths during disturbances before and after he left office. Officials say he ordered supporters to blockade cities in order to force the ouster of Áñez, who took over when Morales resigned on November 10 after a wave of protests and under pressure from the police and military.

Morales fled Bolivia in November, flying first to Mexico. He is currently in Argentina, after President Alberto Fernández’s government granted him asylum. At a press conference in Buenos Aires this week, Morales called for new elections and reiterated that he won’t run as a candidate. He has repeatedly denied the charges as a setup.

For now, Morales is just out of reach of the long arm of the law. After fleeing Bolivia to Mexico under the protection of socialist Mexican president and then heading to communist Cuba, the ousted corrupt socialist Evo Morales is now hiding behind the skirt of Argentina’s new socialist president.

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  1. Just look at him. Just LOOK at the screaming cretin. How could ANYBODY find such a person suitable for ANY important position, let alone the presidency of a country? I’m sorry, but he’s not the real problem, just like Chávez wasn’t. Lord have mercy.

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