Parents of harassed Cuban Jewish boys face prison sentence for complaining about their treatment at school


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Complaining is considered a crime in Castrogonia.

How dare anyone complain about anything? Everything is perfect, you see. Absolutely perfect. And anything run by the government –which includes just about everything, including the schools — can never, ever be wrong. So,if you question that perfection, you must be evil and worthy of punishment.

If you have trouble believing that this is true, read this story. And take a look (below) at the citation received by two parents who expressed concern over the bigotry and religious persecution endured by their children at school.

Their crime, “sundry acts against the normal development of the child”, could earn them each one year in prison.

Viva el socialismo! Long live socialism!

Three Cheers for Bernie “Schmucko” Sanders, the fifth Marx Brother and the Four Marx Sisters, Chica, Groucha, Harpoona, and Zeppa !

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

One year in prison under the offense of “sundry acts against the normal development of the child” could face parents of two Jewish children in Cuba after repeatedly reporting the bullying that they are enduring because of their religious status.

The Municipal Prosecutor’s Office of Nuevitas, in Camagüey, ruled a verdict against Olaine Tejada and Yeliney Lescaille, Jews, who had filed a complaint with this judicial body following the ban of the municipal director of Education that their children attend school with the kippah (yarmulke) a small ritual cap worn by Jewish men.

The children Danel Moisés Tejada, who studies third grade at Aurelio Castillo Elementary School, and Liusdan Martínez Lescaille, who is in seventh grade at Latin America High School, are affected by this situation, his father Olaine Tejada reported to Radio Martí.

Given this decision by the Prosecutor’s Office, the marriage has decided that they will take their children back to school without taking away the kippa when they restart the school year on January 6.

The family will hire the legal services of a lawyer to appeal this decision, Tejada said.

Ricardo Fernández Izaguirre, an independent journalist and religious freedom activist in Cuba, told Radio Martí that ministerial resolution 357 of 2015, used by the authorities to support this decision, does not apply in this case.

The resolution of the Ministry of Education refers to the use of the school uniform, the activist explained, but Tejada filed a complaint about the arbitrariness of the school authorities by not allowing their children to enter the school wearing the kipá.

The position adopted by Education officials in Nuevitas is “a reprisal” against Danel and Liusdan’s parents for complaining to the Prosecutor’s Office, said Fernández Izaguirre.

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