Cuba’s new prime minister is top dog in Council of Ministers, chief architect of apartheid tourism

Cappo di tutti capi gives thumbs up to new “made guy”

From our Bureau of Fascinating Facts About Purveyors of Socialist Apartheid with assistance from our Palace Intrigues Desk and our Musical Chairs Directorate

Watch out! Prepárate! Ten cuida’o, Beware,Trucutú !!!

Colonel Manuel Marrero Cruz, the new fake “prime minister” allegedly “elected” by the Council of Ministers might be able to muscle his way past you and to easily eclipse you.

You rose to prominence as the consummate apparatchik because of your subservience to King Raul and the Communist Party, but Colonel Marrero has actually been in charge of Castrogonia’s apartheid tourist industry for the past fifteen years.

So, in plain Chicago English, Colonel Marrero has real clout. Your clout is not just fuzzy, but purely ornamental. He controls the largest stream of dollars and euros coming into the island. What do you control?

Marti Noticias, which calls him “The Dean of the Council of Ministers,” lays out the details of Colonel Marrero’s career and of the very real power he has been wielding, even before his rise to new fake office of “prime minister,” which might not be so fake after all, or certainly not as fake as the one held by you,Compañero “Presidente.”

And don’t forget to watch your back for another capo with real power: General Luis Alberto Rodríguez Lopez-Calleja, head of the Grupo de Administración Empresarial S.A. (GAESA). He not only controls foreign trade, including the apartheid tourism industry, but is also the ex-husband of of one of King Raul’s daughters. (And also related to propagandist “Cuba expert” Arturo Lopez Levy.)

General Luis Alberto Rodríguez Lopez-Calleja, head of GAESA)

Loosely translated:

The new prime minister of Cuba is the best known of the regime’s ministers, the one who has been dealing with the problems of his portfolio for the longest time. Nobody knows the full names, or the faces of the Ministers of Internal Trade, Mining, Education or Agriculture, but Manuel Marrero Cruz is the dean of all the members of the Council of Ministers and he is the one who heads the sector where most Cubans intend to work: The tourism.

He has been sitting in the ministerial chair since 2004, when Fidel Castro was still the president of the Councils of State and Ministers. Those who were next to him have been purged, such as Felipe Pérez Roque or Medardo Díaz; or replaced, such as the four ministers that handled Internal Trade from 2004 to date; or have died, such as Julio Casas Regueiro, Colomé Ibarra or Carlos Gondín.

In 2004 Miguel Díaz-Canel was far from Havana. He was the provincial head of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in Holguin and his now vice president, Salvador Mesa, did the same, but in Camaguey. Unlike Díaz-Canel, who made a “cadre” career in the ranks of the Communist Party of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz stood out among the military. His presentation photo at the National Assembly surrounded by MINFAR and MININT generals displays his true military identity.

After graduating as an architect, he began working in 1990 at the Gaviota company, then one of the experiments of the Cuban military to develop what they called Military Commerce. He was as head of investors to develop the tourist areas of Holguin. He was hotel manager, and deputy chief of Gaviota in the eastern provinces of Cuba.

From Holguin he goes to Varadero in 1996, to direct the hotel complex “Varadero Azul”. In 1999 he became vice president of the Gaviota Corporation and in 2001 its Executive President. In February 2004, at 40 he was appointed Minister of Tourism.

Gaviota is the crown jewel of GAESA – The military’s foreign trade office – and this military emporium is the hen of the regime’s golden eggs. Tourism is the cornerstone of these.

With a strict planning control, Marrero has also developed in the last 19 years ecological, academic and health tourism.

From his position he has become the controller and developer of the most lucrative regime business. Tourism is today the only sector of the economy that offers a secure source of income in foreign currencies.

His recent appointment as prime minister indicates the priority of the Cuban authorities, more tourism, more hotels, more cabins, more “all inclusive”, only for foreigners.

Watch out! Prepárate! Ten cuida’o, Beware,Trucutú !!!

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  1. That top photo speaks volumes: a bunch of old farts in military costume, whose careers were based entirely on political affiliation and NOT on merit, let alone military prowess, publicly posing as very important personages indeed, when they’re all cheap, tacky frauds. And make no mistake: this absolutely IS the “revolution,” embodied in its supreme exponent, the late Maximum Fraud, who actually ran around in military fatigues 24/7 for decades, as if that were the most reasonable and appropriate thing in the world.

    Basically, Cubans have two choices: shame or contempt, and it should probably a mixture of both.

    As for the new guy vs. dim and dull D-C, I expect the former is much more of an operator, though D-C is a practically perfect puppet.

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