Socialist Cuba’s new ‘Prime Minister’: Much ado about nothing

Once again, Cuba’s murderous and corrupt communist dictatorship is pulling the wool over the media’s eyes.

John Suarez explains in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Succession Watch: Castro’s new Prime Minister and remembering Cuba’s last PM not named Castro

Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Manuel Marrero Cruz is the new prime minister of Cuba. Fidel Castro had named Mr Marrero  tourism minister in 2004 and since then overseen tourism to the island. Now Raul Castro has promoted him to prime minister.

Once again many in the news media are claiming that the Castro regime is decentralizing with the re-emergence of the prime minister’s post. They are repeating the dictatorship’s talking points, and ignoring the facts on the ground recognized by officials. Raul Castro, 86, remains Cuba’s ultimate political power as head of the Communist Party. 

The post of prime minister in Cuba had existed from 1940 through 1976, and the position was initially created with the ratification of the 1940 Constitution during Cuba’s democratic era. The prime minister’s position continued during the Batista dictatorship (1952 – 1959) and during the Castro dictatorship (1959 – 1976).  During the Castro era, the prime minister for the first 39 days was José Miró Cardona. 

This is the only prime minister under the Castro era who was an independent actor, not named Castro.

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  1. Well, the term “fat cat” definitely fits the new “Prime Minister,” although at least he didn’t show up in flaming red like some chavista would have.

    And do note the trained seal, I mean apparatchik of color, at upper right. I bet Massah Castro finds her duly grateful for being made into an actual person by the “revolution,” since everyone knows Cubans of color were just animals before 1959.

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