The ‘opposition’ in Venezuela supports massive financial aid for the corrupt and murderous Maduro dictatorship

I have often heard said the worst enemy freedom-seeking Cubans have are other Cubans. It seems the same holds true in Venezuela.

Sabrina Martin in PanAm Post:

Venezuelan “Opposition” Supports International Financial Aid For Maduro Regime

Maduro’s regime is going to receive a loan of 250 million USD to “improve the supply of electricity in the country,” with the approval of the opposition

The Chavista government has plunged Venezuela into the biggest electricity crisis in the country’s history following a case of corruption worth millions. Now, Nicolas Maduro’s regime is going to receive a loan of 250 million USD to “improve the supply of electricity in the country,” and this plan has the approval of the opposition.

The Latin American Development Bank (CAF) and the United Nations (UN) are evaluating how to provide financial support to the dictatorship under a supposed humanitarian mechanism, seeking the help of the parliament, which has an opposition majority.

The likelihood that this loan will be granted has caused great controversy in the South American country, as it would be a kind of “prize” to the dictatorial regime that is drowning in millions of cases of corruption and money laundering. We must remember that the money earmarked to solve the electricity crisis could have ended up in the accounts of industrialists and government officials linked to chavismo, while many of the projects remain paralyzed.

The fact that the CAF grants a million dollar loan to the tyrannical Maduro, and that the Venezuelan Parliament approves it, also signifies the recognition of the regime that today usurps power since the money isn’t given to the interim government of Juan Guaido, but to the Venezuelan dictatorship. Some defend this loan given to the urgency of solving the electrical crisis in the South American country.

“The project is a CAF loan to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela that is requested by the Ministry of Finance and must be approved by the National Assembly,” a UN official wrote in an email response to Reuters’ questions. The official also noted that the funding mechanism would have a system of checks and balances that would supposedly ensure that resources are used only to alleviate the crisis in the Venezuelan electricity system.

The bill for the proposal does not describe the financial terms of the loan, which are usually provided to the National Assembly before such funding is approved. If the Venezuelan Parliament approves it, it could also be considered a setback to the international sanctions by the United States as well as those by the Lima Group last year, where member countries urged financial institutions not to lend money to the dictatorship of the South American country.

On the one hand, the Venezuelan opposition is asking the international community for more sanctions and pressure against the regime. On the other, it is about to approve a loan for tyranny.

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