U.S. reportedly revokes visa of TV spokesman for Cuba’s socialist dictatorship

Rafael Serrano spouts communist propaganda on Cuban television, but prefers to spend Christmas in capitalist Miami.

Rafael Serrano is a fixture on Cuban television, the socialist Castro dictatorship’s version of “Baghdad Bob” regularly spewing communist propaganda in defense of the murderous regime. He is apparently also a fixture in South Florida during the Christmas holidays, where he visits with family in Miami, the city he once said was home to “the worst of the Cuban community.”

Like all socialists, Rafael Serrano likes to live in luxury at the expense and suffering of others, but according to Alex Otaola, his days of feasting and revelry in the belly of the imperialist beast are over for now.

Via ADN (my translation):

U.S. visa for Cuban television host Rafael Serrano canceled

Popular Cuban show host Alex Otaola reported on his program that the State Department and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) have canceled the visa for Cuban television host Rafael Serrano Corrales.

Otaola claims that a source, who asked to remain anonymous, had been in contact with attorneys at the VPP Law Firm who represent the popular Cuban television personality to tell them Serrano (who appears regularly on the Cuban News program on TV) will no longer be allowed to enter the U.S.

The visa suspension happened after Otaola launched a social media campaign calling on immigration authorities to review the reasons Serrano was ever granted a visa.

While Otaola’s legal team was busy obtaining permits to carry out a protest at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport on December 24, the USCIS conducted a thorough investigation to determine why this “passenger,” scheduled to arrive in the U.S. on Tuesday, was granted a visa.

For Otaola, “this was the best news to end the year with, it’s this program’s greatest victory and all of you as well,” he said.

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2 thoughts on “U.S. reportedly revokes visa of TV spokesman for Cuba’s socialist dictatorship”

  1. Alex Otaola is amazing! Not only does he expose the regime apparatchiks [in the past he did a wonderful job exposing Lopez-Levy], he is, also, proactive and goes beyond merely exposing these people, he actually stops them from coming over like he just did to regime apparatchik Serrano! You got to love the guy! ¡Como el no hay otro!

  2. Oh, but Serrano’s rendering a valuable service–he’s glaring, living proof that Castronoids are hypocritical, shameless dirtbags who are more than happy to both condemn and feed off “the empire.” Unfortunately, he’s also proof of how low all too many Cubans have fallen.

    I assume that, uh, family photo was posted on social media, which absolutely screams shamelessness, and not just on the part of Havana Bob. However, it’s not their fault that the US is so incredibly and disgracefully lax in terms of visas and immigration (except, of course, when it gives a shit).

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