Hideous sculptures of ‘fat ladies’ set up in Havana

From our Bureau of Infinitely Bad Taste with assistance from our Chusma Is As Chusma Does roving reporter, Chucho PicuoPachanga

Ugly traveling art show for an ugly country. What else could one expect?

These statues of “chubby women” by a Chinese artist have been circling the globe for a few years, ensuring this hideous art pollutes as many places as possible..

Now it’s Havana’s turn, in celebration of its 500th anniversary.

And apparently, the morally bankrupt tourists visiting that hellhole love to pose for photos and videos with these imported monstrosities.

De gustibus non disputandum


A Chinese sculpture art exhibition was held in Havana, the capital of Cuba, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city. Displayed at the exhibition were the “Fat Ladies” series of sculpture by China’s renowned sculptor Xu Hongfei.

To see the full scale of the horror for yourself, go HERE for video

2 thoughts on “Hideous sculptures of ‘fat ladies’ set up in Havana”

  1. Yes, it’s ghastly rubbish, but Cuba has an excuse normal countries don’t: it’s ruled by vulgarians who’d put up sculptures of giant turds if they figured they’d gain from it. The Castronoids have never given a shit about art except as a tool for their benefit–that’s the only real consideration that comes into the matter. Besides, it could be worse, like a sculpture of the bovine Aleida Guevara in a bikini.

  2. Of course, to be fair, contemporary “art” is typically anything but visually satisfying, on top of which it’s frequently seriously full of it, and certainly full of itself. But again, this has nothing to do with art per se.

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