The repressive Cuban dictatorship adds three more prisoners of conscience to its long list

The human rights organization Cuban Prisoners Defenders has added three more prisoners of conscience to a long list of dissidents already imprisoned by Cuba’s socialist dictatorship.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Prisoners Defenders: Cuba adds three more prisoners of conscience to its long list

The Cuban regime has added three new political prisoners to close out 2019, bringing the total of those politically convicted for opposition to the regime up to 126, the Prisoners Defenders organization reported on Thursday from its headquarters in Madrid.

The new political prisoners are Luis Enrique Santos Caballero (Awakened Youth Opposition Movement), Leudys Reyes Cuza (FACOZT), and Yeusandro Ochoa Leyva (independent opposition), said the report.

Santos Caballero was arrested when he came into the Villa Clara Provincial Court carrying a sign calling for the release of all political prisoners, in particular Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, Mitzael Diaz paseiro, and Ernesto Borges Perez. He was sentenced on December 16 to 8 months in prison for the alleged crime of contempt.

Reyes Cuza was put into prison on December 12, “falsely” accused of “the crime of public disorder” and is awaiting trial. Ochoa Leyva was imprisoned on December 7 under similar charges.

Furthermore, Prisoners Defenders emphasizes that in the case of opposition member Miguel Borroto, the parole he was given in December was revoked by authorities because he visited the headquarters of the Ladies in White. Borroto was placed into the Combinado del Este prison.

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