Human rights activist has testimony from victims tortured by Cuban agents in socialist Venezuela

Prisoners being tortured in socialist Venezuela.

Via NTN24 (my translation):

Tamara Suju: ‘I have testimony from victims who certify they were tortured by Cubans’

In an interview with NTN24, Tamara Suju, director of the Casla Institute and a human rights activists, said the crisis Venezuela is suffering through is a horror, which she described as: “A silent death, a silent genocide of Venezuelans who die of hunger or lack of medicine day after day.”

Suju claims to have testimony from victims that confirms they were tortured by Cubans in addition to Venezuelans, a change in administration she considers to be precisely the same leadership that rules over the Cuban people.

Furthermore, she said there is evidence that shows the systematic violation of human rights in the South American country going back to 2014, but the tortures may go as far back as 2002 under the regime of deceased Hugo Chavez, who initiated the process to construct and remodel prisons.

The human rights activist highlighted that those who are in charge of torture for the Nicolas Maduro regime “are sadists” and that 90% of those [tortured] the past few years have also suffered sexual assault: “Rape attempts, lascivious acts. This year we have documented 24 rape attempts and they continue although the victims try to fight them off and defend themselves.”

She added that the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela is a silent genocide that day after day each Venezuelan suffers and in many cases dies for lack of medicine or not having enough food.

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  1. Cubans tortured American POWs in Vietnam, and the usual suspects never cared and still don’t, so they will certainly not give a shit about this.

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